A C O U S T I C S   C O N S U L T I N G

“Acoustics” is commonly but only partly correctly understood to mean sound-proofing. While this is one aspect it is not the whole. A room needs to be isolated (sound-proofed) from its surrounding areas as well as acoustically treated internally in order that the subjective quality of sound within the room meets the required specification. This sort of treatment may not be possible for outdoor locations.

This applies to spaces utilized in diverse fields such as recording studios, auditoriums, broadcast studios, video post-production rooms, clubs/bars/lounges/discos, cinema theatres, conference/board rooms, offices and even classrooms. However, a different approach may be required for live shows/ performances.

1. Acoustical Design and Specification

Although most indoor live shows and performances are conducted in auditoriums that have been properly designed, it often happens that a show has to occur in an auditorium of flawed design. At such times it becomes necessary to temporarily treat the hall with removable acoustical remedies such as drapes, removable absorber panels etc.

2. Custom Acoustical Devices

Often it is not possible to achieve a desired acoustical effect through the use of standard off-the-shelf products. In such cases we are able to design and build the necessary custom device that will tackle the issue at hand.

3. Calibration

Auditoriums are mostly equipped with their own sound reinforcement systems. Frequently, however, these are not adequate for the purposes of the show/ performance being conducted. It could also be that the in-house system is capable but badly calibrated.

We are able to provide the necessary calibration by employing high quality computer based software and hardware that use methods such as room impulse measurement as well as real-time analysis as necessary.