Every facility, be it a recording studio, auditorium or classroom, has some level of requirements by way of systems. These systems include functional equipment for the general operations of the facility as well as audio-visual systems that may not be an integral part of the functional equipment. All these varied equipment requirements require selection/ specification as well as installation, integration, calibration, commissioning and networking.

1. Equipment selection/specification

Every facility is designed for a particular purpose. In order to fulfill that purpose some operational systems and equipment becomes necessary. The selection and specification of these systems and equipment becomes of great importance. At OdBle, we are well equipped to understand the specific needs of the client and provide services towards proper selection as well as future-proofing for expansion, upgrades and up-scaling.

2. Equipment Integration

The selected/ specified equipment requires installation. More so, it becomes necessary to integrate the same within the functional framework of operations of the facility. As the equipment does not always come from the same manufacturer it is desirable that the various parts of the system are able to function seamlessly as a whole. OdBle is eminently capable of understanding the diverse differences between the products and integrating these so that the entire set is capable of fulfilling the functional requirements of the facility.

3. Calibration and Commissioning

Once the equipment is installed and integrated we then undertake the issue of commissioning the facility. For this proper calibration is required so that all the varied equipment function according to common standards. This ensures that the integration has been successful and the functional needs of the facility conform to accepted standards.

4. Networking

Any facility with independent functional units requires some sort of connectivity with others. This is best achieved by the implementation of a network (LAN/ WAN). We are able to provide standard as well as custom networking solutions for the specific needs of the facility be it a recording studio or a school.

5. Audio-Video systems

Many facilities have audio-visual needs separate from their desired function. This may include display of presentation material on local and/ or remote screens. Training facilities frequently require material to be displayed on different screens from remote locations. An office may have need for notices to be displayed on distributed screens from a central location. We are able to recommend solutions that will satisfy most such requirements without the need for the development of custom hardware/ software.