In an office the main contributors to sound levels are people and office equipment. In order to create a comfortable working environment for the people in the office many design approaches are taken. One aspect of this is the acoustical nature. To achieve these ends the acoustical nature of the design needs to be taken into account. Open office design requires that spillage of sound from one are into another should be limited. People speaking on the telephon in one cubicle should not be heard in another.

To achieve these objectives the correct kind of acoustic treatment need to be applied. OdBle’s background of acoustics consulting arms us with the necessary skills to consult on these issues.

Offices also have need for systems, varying from computer systems, networks, presentation systems, A/V display etc.

In order to achieve these ends, OdBle provides the following services:
- Acoustics 
- Systems 
- Maintenance 
- Custom 
- Advisory Services