A U D I T O R I A  /  P E R F O R M A N C E   H A L L S

An Auditorium or Performance Hall could be designed for acoustic or amplified performance. Different sorts of events take place at these venues which include music performances, award functions, seminars, plays etc.

A successful performance or event requires that the hall should have good acoustics which simply means that the sound from the performance/ event is carried evenly across the expanse of the hall to every audience seat with a minimum of variation in quality. Thus the design of such a venue is critical.

Events such as awards functions and competitions frequently require additional systems such as audio and video distribution to different areas of the venue and distributed systems. These systems need to integrate properly within the functional requirements of the hall for seamless operation.

OdBle has extensive experience in the recording and performance business both in the field of design and specification as well as at an operational level. Thus we are well equipped to understand the integration requirements and the needs of the recording business and remain up-to-date with the latest technologies.

To these ends OdBle can offer the following services:
- Acoustics 
- Systems 
- Maintenance 
- Custom 
- Turnkey Execution 
- Advisory Services