R E C O R D IN G   S T U D I O S

In the design of a recording studio, be it for film, music, home, advertising etc, two primary goals have to be achieved. Firstly, the rooms should be adequately, ie. prevention of sound leakage both from the outside as well as from the inside. Additionally, sound leakage between the different rooms in the studio has to be avoided. Secondly, the subjective quality of the sound, both amplified and acoustic, in the various rooms needs to be optimized so that the studio may be judged to have a “good sound”.

The quality of the recordings is also largely dependent on the equipment utilized. For this purpose it becomes necessary to install equipment from diverse manufacturers. Consequently it then becomes imperative for all the varied types of equipment to integrate well within the functional requirements of the studio. In multi-studio facilities, it is also necessary that the different studios are integrated and compatible with each other for seamless operations.

OdBle has extensive experience in the recording and performance business both in the field of design and specification as well as at an operational level. Thus we are well equipped to understand the integration requirements and the needs of the recording business and remain up-to-date with the latest technologies.

To these ends OdBle can offer the following services:
- Acoustics 
- Systems 
- Maintenance 
- Custom 
- Turnkey Execution 
- Advisory Services