C O N F E R E N C E  /  B O A R D   R O O M S

Conference rooms and corporate boardrooms are places where, typically, discussions, meetings and presentations are carried out. Thus, it is imperative that sound in these rooms be coherent. Secondly it is necessary that these rooms be isolated enough that external sound neither enters nor internal sound leaks out.

Isolation of the room as well as subjective quality of sound within these rooms are often compromised by inadequate design and attention to detail at the time of construction. Frequently, such deficiencies are caused by a desire to keep the economic impact to a minimum. Too much reverberation in a room can distort and muffle speech leading to coherent discussion and presentations.

In today’s digital age conference rooms and boardrooms also have a need for up-to-date presentation systems which include digital writing boards, video projection, sound systems etc. These systems need to be integrated into the facility’s functional requirements.

In order to achieve these ends, OdBle provides the following services:
- Acoustics 
- Systems 
- Maintenance 
- Custom 
- Turnkey Execution 
- Advisory Services