There are a great many situations where no single product or combination of products available in the market off-the-shelf is a comprehensive solution to a specific issue. In that case, we are in a position to provide custom built solutions. Whether the need of the hour is an acoustic bass trap for a specific room mode problem, or a high-end computer rig, we have the made to order solutions.

Custom built solutions may resolve any or all of the following issues:

  • To make a device customized for your exact needs with regard to spec fulfillment, quality, availability and price;
  • To recycle an older system, or to upgrade to a more modern system; • To have specific solutions for demanding tasks;
  • To avoid having to pay for standard facilities that are irrelevant but included with commercial products;
  • To be able to make modifications/ improvements to the original build at a later date with little hassle.

However, the lack of technical support and warranty protection (other than what may or may not be provided by the individual component manufacturers) is generally a significant disadvantage. OdBle is capable of designing and building custom devices, and has the technical know-how to provide comprehensive support and maintenance on a long term basis.

Made to order solutions that we have provided to our clients in the past have included (but are not restricted to…) custom built acoustical devices for frequency specific absorption, purpose-built high-end computers, and dedicated A/V over LAN capable networks.