T U R N K E Y   E X E C U T I O N

OdBle can provide completely project managed "turnkey" AVC solutions for Cinema Theatres, Classrooms, Boardrooms, Seminar Halls, and the like. Our turnkey solutions are tailored to your exact requirements while making sure you get the most value from your budget.

Our executions range from Cinema Halls to Classroom facilities. All builds are completely project managed by us from start to finish, and our experienced team can handle everything from building work, acoustic treatment, air-conditioning and custom made furniture right through to custom equipment design, including purpose-built electronic hardware.

Whether you need a new Multiplex, or your old Boardroom refurbished with the latest technological presentation aids, we can provide a complete solution, from civil and electricals to networking and computers. We are equipped to handle every aspect of the job, from incorporating acoustical necessities into your Architect’s grand plan to the selection, sourcing, and integration of the equipment. In fact, the only services that we do not provide are statutory (legal, licensing, etc.) and financial…

The turnkey process involves the following sequential steps:

  • Overview and Proposal
    Working closely with your Architect and you, we will prepare a plan that defines your needs and requirements. This will be expressed in a Preliminary Report that will include an estimated project cost.
  • Design and Specification
    After we are mandated by you to execute, we move on to submit detailed designs and specifications for every aspect of the project, not already covered by the Architect’s brief.
  • Systems and Engineering
    This is where we finalize the equipment list, along with the layouts and wiring details. We work with reputed distributors and dealers in the business to order the most suitable equipment at the best prices. Of course, if no commercial product suits your needs, we will custom-build one for you…
  • Construction
    Under the overall captainship of your Architect, with the expertise of the most experienced consultants and contractors, we will build your project, encompassing top quality workmanship and supervision in the areas of Civil, Plumbing, Electricals, HVAC & silenced ducting, Carpentry, Flooring, Roofing, Upholstery and Drapes, Readymade and Custom Furniture, etc.
  • Installation and commissioning
    Towards the end of the Construction phase, our Systems people will pre-wire the entire system. When the equipment is delivered, our team will install and thoroughly test every aspect of the completed system to make certain that every item is working perfectly. Calibration and tuning will then be carried out, and Proof-of-Performance will be confirmed.

OdBle will then deliver the project to you, ready for use.

An optional value addition that OdBle can offer you is familiarization and training programs for your technical staff. Maintenance support is always just a phone call away, whether you choose to sign up for our Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract, or just hire our troubleshooting expertise on a casual case by case basis.

OdBle is the most thorough turnkey project manager in the business, perfectly capable and more than willing to guide you through every process of designing and building a customized project.