T U R N K E Y   E X E C U T I O N

OdBle can provide completely project managed "turnkey" technical support solutions for all live events. Our turnkey solutions are tailored to your exact requirements while making sure you get the most value from your budget.

All technical services and systems are completely project managed by us from start to finish, and our experienced team can handle everything from sound reinforcement systems, computerized lighting control, stage setup right through to custom show control equipment, including purpose-built electronic hardware.

Whether you need the technicals for a large concert tour, or for a corporate video-conference, we can provide a complete solution, from mechanical and electricals to networking and computers. We will handle every aspect of the job, from the overall design to the selection, sourcing, co-ordination and integration of the contractors. One stop for all your technical design and supervision requirements.

The turnkey process involves the following sequential steps:

  • Overview and Proposal
    Working closely with you, we will prepare a plan that defines your needs and requirements. This will be expressed in a Preliminary Report that will include an estimated project cost.
  • Design and Specification
    After we are mandated by you to execute, we move on to submit detailed designs and specifications for the event in the following terms:
    - Venue Layout
    - Stage Layout & Setting
    - Sound & Lighting
    - Electricals & Power
    - Video Coverage & Projection
    - Live Recording/ Broadcast/ Webcast
    - Pyrotechnics & Special Effects
  • Systems and Engineering
    This is where we finalize the equipment list, along with the layouts and wiring details. We work with reputed rental companies and show contractors to get you the most suitable equipment at the best prices. Of course, if no commercial product suits your needs, we will custom-build one for you…
  • Execution
    We will set up the technicals for your event, providing top quality management, coordination and supervision for the following rentals/ contractors:
    - Stage & Venue
    - Sound & Backline
    - Lighting
    - Electricals
    - Power & Genset
    - Sets & Props
    - Video Coverage & Projection
    - Live Recording/ Broadcast/ Webcast
    - Pyrotechnics & Special Effects
    - Transport
    - Acoustical Treatment

    - Custom Engineering
  • Technical Rehearsals & Showtime
    Toward the end of the execution phase, our Systems people will confirm and thoroughly test every aspect of the completed system to make certain that every item is working perfectly. Calibration and tuning will then be carried out, and the system will be handed over to our Operations people to run every aspect of the show…

OdBle is the most thorough turnkey technical production manager in the business, perfectly capable and more than willing to guide you through the technology and engineering of designing and executing a spectacular event.